Business law 3210 unit i assessment

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Business law 3210 unit i assessment

The purpose of this section is to establish procedures to assist school authorities in fulfilling their responsibility under Education Law sections 2 and 2 d and in meeting their responsibility of determining the competency of the instructor and substantial equivalence of instruction being provided at home to students of compulsory school attendance age, and to assist parents who exercise their right to provide required instruction at home to such students in fulfilling their responsibilities under Education Law section 2.

The school year begins July first and ends June thirtieth for all purposes within this section. In the case of the City School District of the City of New York, the school district of residence for students who, if enrolled in the public schools, would attend elementary school, intermediate school or junior high school in a community school district shall be deemed to be the community school district in which the parents reside.

The district shall provide assistance in preparation of the forms, if requested by the parents. If the revised IHIP is determined not to be in compliance with subdivisions d and e of this section, then the parents shall be notified in writing of the reasons for such determination.

Such notice shall also contain the date of the next regularly scheduled meeting of the board of education that will be held at least ten 10 days after the mailing of the notice, and shall indicate that if the parents wish to contest the determination of noncompliance, the parents must so notify the board of education at least three 3 business days prior to such meeting.

At such board meeting, the parents shall have the right to present proof of compliance, and the board of education shall make a final determination of compliance or noncompliance.

For purposes of this subdivision, such administrative review shall be deemed to be completed when one of the following events have occurred: Each child's IHIP shall contain: These reports shall be spaced in even and logical periods; 4 the names of the individuals providing instruction; and 5 a statement that the child will be meeting the compulsory educational requirements of Education Law section through full-time study at a degree-granting institution, meaning enrollment for at least 12 semester hours in a semester or its equivalent, if that is the case.

In this situation, the IHIP shall identify the degree-granting institution and the subjects to be covered by that study. English two units ; history and geography two units ; science two units ; mathematics two units ; physical education on a regular basis ; health education on a regular basis ; art one-half unit ; music one-half unit ; practical arts on a regular basis and library skills on a regular basis.

The units required herein are cumulative requirements for both grades seven and eight. The units required herein are cumulative requirements for grades nine through twelve. Each child shall attend upon instruction as follows: The cumulative hours of instruction for grades seven through twelve shall be nine hundred ninety hours per year.

On or before the dates specified by the parent in the IHIP, a quarterly report for each child shall be furnished by the parent to the school district. The quarterly report shall contain the following: At the time of filing the fourth quarterly report as specified in the IHIP, the parent shall also file an annual assessment in accordance with this subdivision.

The annual assessment shall include the results of a commercially published norm-referenced achievement test which meets the requirements of paragraph 1 of this subdivision or an alternative form of evaluation which meets the requirements of paragraph 2 of this subdivision.

A student's score shall be deemed adequate if: An alternative form of evaluation shall be permitted to be chosen by the parent only as follows: This alternative form of evaluation may be used no more often than every other school year for these grades; iii for the purposes of this paragraph, the person who prepares the written narrative shall be a New York State certified teacher, a home instruction peer group review panel, or other person, who has interviewed the child and reviewed a portfolio of the child's work.

Such person shall certify either that the child has made adequate academic progress or that the child has failed to make adequate progress.

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In the event that such child has failed to make adequate progress, the home instruction program shall be placed on probation pursuant to subdivision i of this section.

The certified teacher, peer review panel, or other person shall be chosen by the parent with the consent of the superintendent. Any resulting cost shall be borne by the parent. If the parents disagree with the determination of the board of education, the parents may appeal to the Commissioner of Education within thirty 30 days of receipt of the board's final determination.

The parent shall be required to submit a plan of remediation which addresses the deficiencies in the child's achievement, and seeks to remedy said deficiencies. The plan shall be reviewed by the school district. The school district may require the parents to make changes in the plan prior to acceptance.

If the child does not attain at least seventy-five percent of the objectives specified in the remediation plan at the end of any given semester within the period of probation, or if after two years on probation one hundred percent of the objectives of the remediation plan have not been satisfied, the superintendent of schools shall provide the parents with the notice specified in paragraph 5 of subdivision c of this section and the board of education shall review the determination of noncompliance in accordance with such paragraph, except that consent of the parents to such review shall not be required.

Business law 3210 unit i assessment

Such home visit s shall be made only after three days' written notice. The purpose of such visit s shall be to ascertain areas of noncompliance with these regulations and to determine methods of remediating any such deficiencies.

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The home visit s shall be conducted by the superintendent or by the superintendent's designee. The superintendent may include members of a home instruction peer review panel in the home visit team.Briefing Paper 1: Critical Legal Thinking Name School Author Note This paper was prepared for Business Law Course, BBA N, taught by Professor Name.

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