Citizenship of organizations nations and the planet rights and responsibilities essay

The extent of human rights protection varies from country to country, with total democracies having most human rights… Compare and Contrast In the book Rachel in the World the author, Jane Bernstein shows the readers her struggles with raising Rachel. When Rachel turns eighteen she has the right to self-determination.

Citizenship of organizations nations and the planet rights and responsibilities essay

My job sees me coordinating any bilateral incoming and outgoing visits by the trade minister or the prime minister, and preparing the briefing material for their respective visits. Memorable Moment As I am writing this piece, I am on assignment preparing for and working during the G7 summit in Charlevoix.

I also worked on its subsequent ratification in the European Parliament. It was both stressful and rewarding to work on this priority file for the government. Initiative To Celebrate I would argue that, for Canada, this has been a great year for free trade.

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Words Of Wisdom I would say take pieces of advice from others with a grain of salt. Except for this one: I have been privileged to work with some of the best and brightest, from whom I have learned a great deal. These colleagues are diplomats with incredibly diverse experiences and I have always appreciated hearing the stories of how they started their careers.

On The Job As a public affairs officer with the Canadian Armed Forces, I work to tell the story of the organization and its people to various audiences. The Forces is a massive team of ordinary Canadians who do extraordinary work whenever and wherever called upon by the government. I was there to inform specific Japanese audiences about what Canada was doing to protect wild fish stocks in the region and the importance of curtailing illegal fishing for both our countries.

At one point, the deputy minister of Fisheries and Oceans Canada joined us to convey our message to the Japanese media, and I was tasked with executing the plan and interpreting for the press. Before the conference began, a reporter asked me to confirm that the deputy minister was indeed a woman, as per her bio.


I was happy to offer the confirmation, and I remember feeling a bit proud that nowadays no one back home would think this was a typo, or even particularly noteworthy.

Underreported Foreign Policy Issue I think many Canadians would be surprised to know their military is currently deployed on an array of operations around the world, all in support of our various foreign policy objectives.

Try to get an internship at a place you think you might want to work to see if your expectations match the day-to-day reality.

Above all, beware the tyranny of comfort. On The Job I coordinate a global network of high containment laboratories that optimizes collaboration and knowledge exchange to protect human health, animal health and agriculture resources.

The most challenging parts about what I do are the scope and scale of the problems we are trying to address: This problem is amplified by the growing threats posed by emerging and re-emerging diseases occurring more frequently and in new and unpredictable locations.

It gives me hope to work with such smart, driven, creative people every day! Memorable Moment The network identified a need to develop a training workshop for scientists to share best practices around sharps handling inside high containment laboratories while performing necropsies on large animals sheep.

The network worked collaboratively to develop the participant list, the location and resources needed for the workshop and the teaching and training objectives.

The one thing we lacked was commitment from a facilitator or trainer. This role came to me and I flew to Iowa with no high containment experience, having never dissected anything larger than a mouse, and with more than a few nerves.

The scientists worked extremely well together — this included team-teaching, sharing suggestions and protocols, and developing research collaborations and ideas for future workshops.

I never thought I would be in the position I was in — discussing the best way to crack open a rib cage with a group of highly trained experts — but policy work can take you in some very unexpected directions.A citizen is a native or naturalized member of a city, country, or nation who owes allegiance to its government and is entitled to its protection also citizenship is the state of being vested with the rights and duties of a citizen and is also the character of an individual viewed as a member of society.

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Citizenship of organizations nations and the planet rights and responsibilities essay

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