Finding out someone you love has cancer

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Finding out someone you love has cancer

I broke down today as I was driving to the gym just minutes after waving my two young children off at the school gates and kissing them goodbye with a smile bolted to my cheek bones as my throat set on fire and my eyes glazed over to fight back tears.

My Nan spent the final years of her life living on medication to combat the symptoms and side effects of a longterm bad health with pills for treatments and more pills to treat symptoms of the pills she needed daily.

My Nan was the most incredibly kind, selfless and caring woman, she filled our days with sunshine, never said a bad word against anyone and would give away her last penny to help others. I too have passed their unconditional love onto my two children, Millisent 9yrs and Gabriele 4yrs for which Mum was with me at both of my births.

The first when I was a scared single 19yr old bringing my daughter into the world frightfully young, alone and heartbroken. Mum held my hand through my pain, stroked my forehead to keep me calm, cutting the cord when my daughter was born as well as any proud father would have. My Mum Is My Rock And Inspiration In Life Mum has never been a pushy parent, she never expected anything in return for her endless love and she taught me the importance of hard work and appreciation.

Mum has always been so healthy, so strong and invincible. She never wants people to worry about her because she sees that we all have struggles and problems in life and so she carries her own silently and never complains.

She can either stand up or lay flat on her back, no in-between, no more family meals at the dinner table, no cosy sofa snuggles with the children or trips in the car to go Finding out someone you love has cancer do the food shop and stop off for a spot of tea and cake.

When I hear her voice on the phone her once vibrant chirpiness is weighted down with the severity of pain and suffering, the sparkle in her beautiful brown eyes now shadowed by her suffering.

Despite being shy as a child I had such a wonderful bond with animals and Mum always allowed me to have pets from rabbits and hamsters to birds and cats. She gave me that little extra time to understand and accept what was happening and to say goodbye to her and make peace.

Finding out someone you love has cancer

Hearing that song on the radio earlier took me back to losing my pets, my beloved Nan and the very real possibility of now losing my Mum.

Can it be cured? Will my Mum be ok? As soon as I wiped my eyes with the back of my hand the next flood of tears came, followed by the next and the next. How can a persons life suddenly become so unpredictable in the blink of an eye? They deserve the innocence and happiness that Mum gave me, not the fear of losing her that consumes me.

Cancer is brutal and it has no limits on how many people it touches directly and indirectly. The surgeon explained that if my Mum should seek treatment for her condition then it would be a long and tough road ahead which would worsen before, if ever, getting better.

This would prevent her insides from blocking up and bursting which could result in the cancer cells spreading to the rest of her body and becoming terminal. She also has to learn how to fit, remove and clean her colostomy bag and wound which is something she will have to live with for the rest of her life as her intestines will never work again.

Because of the radiotherapy and chemotherapy Mum will get very sick very quickly as it destroys both the good and bad cells of the body and ruins the immune system so Mum will not only be weaker, frailer and in more pain but more susceptible to getting seriously ill from the slightest of colds, coughs, germs and sneezes.

Following Surgery Mum Will Have A Colostomy Bag For The Rest Of Her Life Mum accepted her diagnosis and treatment plan with such bravery and dignity, holding her head high and taking the surgeons hand into her own as she thanked him from the bottom of her heart for his diagnosis and treatment plan.

The nurses who were quietly standing on the sidelines then made themselves known and I never realised when we walked into the room that they were there for damage control of the fate that was bestowed upon Mum. But despite being delivered the blow of her diagnosis Mum greeted the nurses warmly and when asked if she was ok she smiled and thanked them for their support.

My voice trembled as I tried to let out a squeak having stayed silent for so long. Mum had to have some more blood tests and an MRSA swab before we stopped for a coffee on the way to the car and I could finally drive her home.

Bunches of bright pink flowers lined the kitchen counter top, get well soon cards, boxes of chocolates, bottles of wine and endless telephone calls of sympathy and support followed by unexpected visitors at the door.

I hope that you will help me to support her through this difficult time with your kind thoughts, well wishes and prayers and welcome you to leave your comments at the end of this blog.

I am a very private person and I never put myself into the public eye. From the age of 49 I found eating pasta made me feel bloated and swollen so I started to consciously have less of it in my diet. I thought I had a wheat allergy because every now and again when I ate pasta, bread, cakes or biscuits it seemed to aggravate it more and my intestines would swell up and hurt.

As the day went on my stomach started to hurt more and more until it became almost unbearable. On Monday morning I went to work taking painkillers to get me through the day but returned home after four hours when it became too much for me.

Three days after my accident I visited my doctor and asked how long it would take for the terrible pain to go, that was when he told me I had in fact strained my abdominal muscles and after wks I should be ok again. This caused my intestines to swell and back-up with decomposing food which made them protrude like a stiff string of sausages on the surface of my stomach.

Much like a pregnant woman the lumps kept on moving, one day they would be high and the next they would be low.Finding out you or someone you love has cancer changes your life. It seems at the moment as if you are the only one who has taken this journey. But there is .

Feb 21,  · Since then, my life has been an endless cycle of “I’m so sorry to hear that” and “I know someone with cancer, too.” When I was growing up, people would constantly ask me how she was. Finding out that somebody you care about has cancer such as leukemia, lymphoma or myeloma can be shocking, emotional and devastating.

When someone else's diagnosis makes us feel this bad, it's almost impossible to imagine how the person who has received the diagnosis must feel. I have seen my mother living in endlessly progressive pain for the past eighteen months but thankfully yesterday we found out that it will finally end; we just don’t know if it will be through finding a cure for her condition or the harsh reality of death and the helplessness is absolutely crippling me right now.

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When Someone You Love Has National Cancer Institute Advanced Cancer U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND that’s come out of taking care of someone, it’s that I’ve learned what’s important really fast.

Finding out someone you love has cancer

And it’s a lesson National Cancer Institute Support for Caregivers.

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