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Share via Email Raking it in Fromteenagers will be tested on their analysis and response to a short, previously unseen extract from an action adventure film. The film extract is selected two years in advance, so students studying the new GCSE media studies qualification, taking their exams in could study and be examined on the blockbusters of today, such as Indiana Jones, which debuts at Cannes this week. Bridget Jones, Madonna, Hollyoaks and Super Mario Brothers are also listed as possible examples for schools to use, though they are encouraged to develop their own.

Gcse media studies editing services

Intro to Sci-fi films — focus on terminology of conventions, production, representation. Analysis of sci-fi conventions Induction Unit: Autumn Two Sci-fi film posters —Comparison of 2 posters from different era.

Design a film poster for a new sci-fi film. Analysis of Kerrang front cover. Spring One Comic group project — focus on front cover appeal and conventions Design a front cover for a new comic and create a character and double page story Music video — history and cultural contexts.

Revision of terminology and prep for exam. Radio — target audience and appeal — local v Radio 1 Music video: Script a radio advert for a new product Television Drama — Sitcom — forms and conventions and socio-cultural context.

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This component provides a foundation for analysing media products, introducing learners to media language and representation through the study of print media forms. Learners will develop their ability to analyse media language, representations and meanings in a range of media products.

gcse media studies editing services

In addition, learners will study products from specific media industries and audiences to develop their knowledge and understanding of those areas of the theoretical framework.

Learners will also begin to explore how media products reflect, and are influenced by, the social, cultural, historical and political contexts in which they are produced. Learners will also develop knowledge and understanding of how relevant social, cultural, political and historical contexts of media influence media products.

This component draws together knowledge and understanding of the media theoretical framework gained throughout their course by requiring learners to apply their knowledge and understanding of the media synoptically through practical production. In Components 1 and 2, learners gain a detailed understanding of media language, representation and audience in relation to a range of media forms.

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The briefs will be released annually on 1 March in the year prior to assessment, and will be published on the WJEC Eduqas website. Task-specific indicative content will be issued each year with the non-exam assessment briefs.

Production briefs will always be set in the following media forms: Learners will develop a response to their chosen brief by creating a production aimed at the specified intended audience.GCSE Media Studies: Revision Guide [CGP Books] on vetconnexx.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying vetconnexx.com: CGP Books.

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We love making media, we love teaching media, we love watching media, and we really love talking about media. If you do, too, this dynamic, exciting, stimulating GCSE Media Studies . We are publishing a revision guide, Teacher Guide and free digital Teaching & Learning Resources to support the OCR GCSE (9–1) Media Studies specification.

We are working in partnership with OCR to produce the Teacher Guide and Teaching & Learning Resources. GCSE Media Studies for WJEC is an attractive, full colour student resource which provides thorough coverage of the WJEC specification. Specifically written to prepare students for the WJEC exam, it will provide students with a unique understanding of and engagement with GCSE Media Studies.

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