Light sport aircraft business plan

Mather, a year veteran in the aviation industry. Our initial plan of setting out to design and p Soon we began kitting aircraft for a few major dealers in the industry. We set our products apart from the competition early on by testing them to a higher standard than previously recognized in the industry.

Light sport aircraft business plan

In years past, Eclipse erected lavish displays that tended to dominate the skyline at all of the major shows. This year, it looks as if the new management is focused on getting the company righted, modifying the existing fleet and then hammering out a business plan to resume manufacturing new aircraft.

All good as far as it goes. Even though the current Eclipse management had nothing to do with the billion-dollar debacle that drove the company into the dirt, many believe that Eclipse's antics caused lasting damage to the industry on a couple of fronts.

First, it tarnished the very credibility of light jets and second, it made such a hash of the certification process that those working in the trenches are ever fearful of an FAA backlash against all aircraft, not just small jets. The industry would do well to drop hyped words in order to improve credibility with users.

Companies are already running away from the VLJ concept. Cessna never embraced it for the Mustang in the first place and Embraer calls its diminutive Phenom an entry-level jet. Personally, I think the Stratos is a long shot, but it's refreshing to hear a new startup acknowledge the level of hype that Vern Rayburn saddled the industry with.

Many things have been said and written about Rayburn, a computer executive turned would-be aircraft mogul. One is that he deserves credit for promoting the light jet concept and lending it a degree of credibility.

light sport aircraft business plan

I doubt if you'd find many people here at NBAA who buy that. Actually, elsewhere in the same issue of Show News I saw the term "disruptive technology" used to describe another jet. It's enough to make your skin crawl and probably ought to be banned from use in aviation journalism of any kind.

For if Eclipse taught us anything, it's that in commercial aviation, progress comes in periodic increments, not giant leaps. When you hear things like "revolutionary" or "game changer," just let them flow into one ear and out the aircraft, which rely heavily on turbine aircraft.

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One adjustment that is obvious in Figure 4‐2 is a change in the classification of experimental light sport aircraft.

Sep 02,  · BendixKing has unveiled a new plan that sells avionics in a similar way to cell phones. Encouraging the FAA to allow special Light-Sport Aircraft to perform aerial work (beyond flight instruction and towing); we submitted a comprehensive business case for a program that we hope will allow manufacturers, dealers, owners.

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Jan 30,  · *+I am currently looking for a investor and partne I will be designing and manufacturing small light sport aircraft (experimental aircraft) The investment is 30, and partner buy-in. The aircraft will be cert.

by FAA.

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