Mcleod motors ltd

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. The company has a number of customers in the original equipment manufacturer OEM market, which used the motors as components in larger products, and also in the replacement market. Recently the company has started facing problems in inventory management since it standardized end shields considering that it would cut both the manufacturing costs and inventories. But the results have been otherwise.

Mcleod motors ltd

Leave to appeal is granted.

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The appeal is upheld. The order of the Gauteng Local Division of the High Court, Johannesburg, is set aside and replaced with the following order: The negotiations mentioned in 3 b must commence within 30 calendar days from the date of this order.

In resisting the claim, the respondent has raised a number of defences, two of which were upheld by the Gauteng Local Division of the High Court, Johannesburg trial Court. Both the trial Court and the Supreme Court of Appeal refused to grant the applicant leave to appeal, hence this application. During the applicant was employed by Vodacom as a trainee accountant.

In November he was involved in a long distance relationship with a student who later became his wife.

They experienced communication difficulties, owing mainly to the fact that his girlfriend could not afford to buy airtime for purposes of making telephone calls to him.

Transnet System:

As a result the applicant was the one who initiated their telephone calls. The idea was reduced to writing and the applicant consulted his superior and mentor at Vodacom for advice on how he could sell it to any of the cellphone service providers, including Vodacom.

If the product was successful then the applicant would be paid a share in the revenue generated by it. This product enabled a cellphone user with no airtime to send a message to the other cellphone user, asking her to call him.

The new product elicited excitement at Vodacom and the inventor of the idea on which it was built was praised for his innovative thinking. Kenneth suggested the service to the product development team, which immediately took up the idea.

The main aim of this product is to allow Vodacom users who do not have balances on their accounts to keep in touch with their families and loved ones. In this regard the newsletter stated: It will be free until December 31 this year and thereafter cost users 15 cents per transaction.

This led me to ask myself one question: Later Vodacom charged for it. It is common cause that this product has generated revenue amounting to billions of rands. I hope this helps with the media queries. This service is free until the end of the year and then will go to 15c per transaction. Kenneth Makate from our Finance Department came up with this idea a few months ago and brought it to the Product Development Division.

We wish to thank Kenneth for bringing his idea to our attention. Its contents were quoted earlier in which even the Managing Director of Vodacom praised the applicant for his idea. This untrue story appears to have been part of a stratagem to deny the applicant compensation for the idea.

Vodacom first accused him of having stolen the idea from MTN, its competitor. Furthermore, the authority of Messrs Muchenje and Geissler to conclude the agreement on behalf of Vodacom was placed in issue. Vodacom asserted that both of them did not have actual or ostensible authority to enter into the agreement on its behalf.

Vodacom led the evidence of Mr Knott-Craig only. The trial Court was impressed by the American expert and Mr Muchenje as witnesses.

Mcleod motors ltd

The trial Court found no difficulty in rejecting his evidence. He was willing to lie about matters which were documented in the records of Vodacom.sheet3 sheet2 sheet1 rama vision ltd. ramavisi tcpl packaging limited panasonic home panasonic balmer lawrie & co.


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bllwco ginni filaments ltd. Buying stocks that can rise multifold in a short period is every investor's dream. But it is not easy to identify and buy such stocks at right time and exit at right time. Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site. K G McLeod Ltd is located at Larnach Road in the Dunedin suburb of Waverley..

As one of Dunedins oldest and most established independent automotive repairers the McLeod family continue to strive to provide the highest level of service possible.

McLeod Motors LTD Words | 5 Pages PAGE PAGE 1 MCLEOD MOTORS McLeod Motors Ltd Case Study Introduction McLeod Motors Ltd factory in Chilliwack, British Columbia makes over 40 models of electric motors ranging from one quarter to 10 horsepower.

The company has a number of customers in the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) market, which. CONSTITUTIONAL COURT OF SOUTH AFRICA. Case CCT 52/ In the matter between: KENNETH NKOSANA MAKATE Applicant. and. VODACOM (PTY) LIMITED Respondent. Neutral citation: Makate v Vodacom (Pty) Ltd [] ZACC

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