Othello the image machine essay

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Othello the image machine essay

Othello the image machine essay

One reason Iago can so easily deceive Othello is due to Othello's trusting nature. Othello truly believes that Iago is an honest man.

Iago is most honest.

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No doubt, Othello is too trusting. Iago comments on Othello's free and open nature. In OthelloIago easily deceives the main character Othello. He compares Othello to an ass which can easily be led by the nose: In the beginning, Othello seems to trust Desdemona.

He seems to believe that Desdemona truly loves him and supports him. Then Iago plants seeds of doubt in Othello's heart and mind. He accuses Desdemona of having an affair with Cassio.

Othello the image machine essay

Next, Iago subtly points out that Desdemona is capable of lying. He points out that she lied to her own father about her marriage to Othello: She deceived her father by marrying you; Iago's comment causes Othello to doubt his lovely wife.

Othello truly trusts Iago for Iago keeps assuring Othello of his love: My lord, you know I love you. Othello believes Iago's empty words. Again, Iago deceives Othello with his mere words. He apologizes for loving Othello too much: I humbly beg your pardon Because I was loving you too much.

Iago is saying that he had to express the truth about Desdemona because he loves Othello so much. Othello responds that he is forever indebted to Iago for Iago's honesty in sharing the truth about Desdemona: I am bound to you forever. Clearly, Othello is convinced that Iago is honest and truthful.

Iago realizes that Othello is upset by Iago's insinuation that Desdemona is dishonest. Othello is thinking that if Desdemona will lie to her father, she may lie to him.

Iago uses mere words to deceive Othello while professing his love: I hope you will consider that what I have spoken Comes from my love; Truly, Othello is easily deceived.

Also, no doubt, Othello has self-esteem issues. Because of his own insecurities, it is easy for Othello to believe that Desdemona would be unfaithful. Othello states his reasons that Desdemona would be unfaithful: O curses on marriage, Clearly, Othello is not secure in being a black man.

He even uses figurative language to insinuate that he is insecure in being black. He compares Desdemona's unfaithfulness to his own black face: Her name, that was as fresh As Diana's face, is now as grimy and black As my own face. After making the comment that Desdemona's face is as grimy and black as his own, it is clear that Othello is not happy with being black.

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Also, Othello shows how confused he is. He wants to believe his wife. He admits that he is not sure what to believe. He is divided in his heart. He admits to Iago that he is torn in his mind on who to believe or what to think: I think my wife is honest, and think she is not; I think that you are just, and think you are not.

I'll have some proof.Racism in William Shakespeare’s Othello In William Shakespeare’s tragic play Othello racism is featured throughout, not only by Iago in his despicable animalistic remarks about Othello’s marriage, but also by . This Othello essay will fully answer the stated question.

Verbal images associated with the themes of love and jealousy, in the tragedy Othello, help to understand the psychology of heroes, to penetrate the patterns of these powerful passion.

The image that leads to the demise of Desdemona is that of the strawberry embroidered handkerchief given, by Othello, to Desdemona. The handkerchief is a very important symbol of "Love, lust, Desdemona's virginity and sexuality" *.4/4(1). Free Othello Essay: The Disintegration of Othello Words | 3 Pages.

The Disintegration of Othello Shakespeare's Othello is a play with unique characters. One such character is the one for which Shakespeare names his play. In the play, Othello disintegrates from a .

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In Othello Shakespeare plays with the traditional conception of black and white and good and evil in society and culture. Shakespeare assigns the ‘good’ character, Othello, black ethnicity and the ‘evil’ character, Iago, white ethnicity.

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