Spice by jack turner thesis

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Spice by jack turner thesis

Public Health Ecology These different disciplines all can contribute to a more holistic understanding of the biological, economic, and cultural impacts of disease. While a geneticist may conduct research to determine the type of DNA that is most susceptible to the flu, someone studying population health may pay attention instead to the living conditions and access to healthcare of those communities most affected by this epidemic.

Helpful Readings While talking to an expert is the best way to gather useful advice, there are print sources that can offer you similar insights. Historiographic Essays Historiography is the history of history. That is, the historiography of the Civil War refers not to what happened in between andbut what has been said and written about the Civil War since it ended.

In part, your efforts to position your argument are designed to help figure out where you fit into the historiography of your topic.

Occasionally, scholars will write an essay sometimes even a book on the historiography of a subject. This serves two purposes: While they can be tricky to find, these essays usually include the word historiography in their abstract, if not in their title. Now read the article looking for its potential relevance to your research.

If bureaucrats were used to seeing disease among urban minority populations, how might they have reacted to these claims that African Americans were immune to the flu?

How might their efforts be influenced by the politics of the era of racial segregation or the northern cities to which southern African Americans are migrating? Edited Anthologies In your research, you may already have come across several books that compile articles by a number of historians on the same topic.

These compilations are called anthologies.

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Anthologies are good places to look for common and conflicting approaches and interpretations on a topic. Often an introductory essay will outline the contours of the essays, highlighting the trends that you're hunting for in your research. A keyword search at your library can help you find anthologies.

To find an anthology, look for titles that list an editor rather than an author. Anthologies can help you see whether your work is relevant to the conversations scholars have had on your topic and if your research can help move the conversation forward.

In this volume you'll see that the editor sketches the historiography of urban environmental history, and he also describes the contents of each article.

Spice by jack turner thesis

If public health officials expected African Americans to get more diseases, in what ways did these articles challenge that assumption? He describes an essay in the book on yellow fever in New Orleans.

Spice by jack turner thesis

You might never have intended to look this far back in time, but now you can describe how what you're seeing in your research on the Flu Epidemic of differs from what this article describes going on with yellow fever in Take a fresh look at these sources to see what they can teach you about the variety of scholarship on your topic.

Skim the other histories listed. If you look back through the bibliographies of the books you've gathered, you'll see Charles Rosenberg's Explaining Epidemics pop up again and again. While that book might not have much on the influenza or anything at all on African Americans, it would be worth looking at because it's clearly central to the way historians have thought about disease.

Whether you agree with Rosenberg's arguments or not, by having grappled with them you join the ongoing conversation about the history of disease.

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Keeping Current New work is always being done. Two good places to look for the latest scholarship are book reviews and dissertations. Book reviews are useful because they quickly lay out the historian's argument and often situate that argument in the subject's historiography.

Focus your reading on journals within a specific scope relevant to your research. Review articles stick out in database searches because they are almost always between one and three pages. Some article databases let you limit your search to just reviews. Dissertations are useful in finding the latest work and, sometimes, the only work on your subject.

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His masters thesis entitled Soviet New Thinking and the Cambodian Conflict was completed in the Department of The result is a book entitled Spice: The History of a Temptation, which traces spices back MP3 Podcast: "What the Ancients Knew: Rome", hosted by Jack Turner.

( MB, 26 min.). Jack Turner. · Rating details · 2, Ratings · Turner explores the reasons why spice ruled both the imagination and the economy for centuries in a heretofore unheard of depth.

Turner writes well, but writes immensely long chapters. Reads much like a history thesis gone on, and on, and on, it is so comprehensive and rooted /5.

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