The donatist controversy essay

Introduction Sola scriptura is arguably the most foundational point of disagreement underlying the nearly five-hundred year rift between Catholic and Protestant Christians. In this way, they argue, sola scriptura is largely responsible not only for the separation of Protestants from the Catholic Church, but also for the vast number of schisms between Protestants. The overall structure of our article is as follows.

The donatist controversy essay

Select Page The Donatist Controversy: It called into question not only the authority of the church, but the validity of the sacraments and the ministers who would carry them out.

Because of the discourse among the Augustine, the Donatist leaders, and others, the direction of the Catholic church would be defined for many years to come.

The goal of this paper is to provide an outline of the foundations of the Donatist schism, the points of argument between both parties, and how the Donatist church was ultimately disassembled. The history is vast and well-debated, but the goal of this paper is to rest in the middle ground, restraining comment, while giving a clear view of the Donatist polemic and proposing a conclusion for the 21st century church.

The Foundation of Donatism In order to properly understand the Donatist controversy, one must first grasp the social framework that was its catalyst. The Donatist controversy has its origins in the North African church, a church that was well-acquainted with suffering and martyrdom.

The persecution subsided quickly, and byConstantine had signed the Edict of Milan, resolving certain legal provisions in favor of the Christians. Many returned, both the lapsi, those who had fallen away from the church, and the traditores, those who had actively betrayed it.

The time came to elect a new bishop of Carthage, and the current bishop, Mensurius, chose Caecilian. They elected Majorinus instead.

The donatist controversy essay

Remarkably, the schism was not seen to be very important to other western provinces. This marked the first instance of Christians martyring other Christians.

The movement developed expansively after Julian the Apostate brought the Donatist bishops back from exile between and It is at this point in history that Augustine weighed in. There was a broad schism of belief between the Donatists and the Catholics, and little in church practice was left untouched.

This paper will focus on the two areas of church life that the Donatists had questioned the validity. The second was the validity of any sacraments those ministers performed.

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Peter Iver Kaufman described the Donatist belief well: Consequently he was equally culpable and equally incapable of administering effective sacraments. Whoever receives baptism and remission from a traditor or an accomplice receives nothing.

It called into question the validity of the sacraments and thusly the salvation of an entire generation of post-persecution believers. So those, too, who in the sacrilege of schism depart from the communion of the [Catholic church], certainly retain the grace of baptism, which they received before their departure, seeing that, in case of their return, it is not again conferred on them…if it can be retained outside, why may it not also be given there?

It was attended by Catholic bishops and Donatist bishops. They demonstrated that Donatists could make martyrs of their enemies as well as of their eulogized ancestors.

That would turn the church into a marketplace and make peddlers of priests.

The Nicene Fathers

For Augustine, the Church is still the Church of sinners on Earth. Chadwick, A Donatist is Executed The move toward the Catholic church was much slower for most of the rural areas.

Any remaining Donatist churches were essentially wiped out during the Arab invasion in the mid-seventh century. Much of that theology was formed and expounded upon during the Donatist controversy. It is important to see both sides of the Donatist-Augustine argument, and to not just merely discount what the Donatists were claiming, simply because history has all but forgotten their movement.

In the internet age, little can be hidden and even less can be forgotten. As a new breed of ministers arises in the church, with digital records of every picture and every stroke of the keyboard, there must be in place not only a standard of holiness but also a level of grace for those who have a past they wish could be forgotten.INTRODUCTORY ESSAY.

By Rev. Chester D. Hartranft, vetconnexx.comer I.-Bibliography. A. Sources. i. Of course all the Anti-Donatist writings of Augustine are found in the general editions from Amerbach, , to Migne, A few are also collected in Du Pin's edd. of Optatus Mil. 1. In the Monumenta vetera ad Donatistarum Historiam pertinentia.

2. The Donatist controversy, which raised questions about the validity of the sacraments, dominated all North African church life. Cyprian and the Donatists said that the validity of the sacraments depended on the worthiness of the minister, while Rome and North African Christians in communion with Rome.

Sources. A stichometrical list, probably made in , of the Books of the Bible, and of many works of St.

Augustine: Anti-Donatist Writings: Introductory Essay

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