The zoo controversy essay

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The zoo controversy essay

These opposing ideologies make keeping animals in captivity a controversial topic, and with the recent death of SeaWorld Orlando trainer Dawn Brancheau, who was killed by five-ton killer whale Tillikum, the debate has been renewed.

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The issue has two sides: According to a study conducted over the course of three years, AZA concluded that zoos and aquariums teach visitors about nature and, by giving them a memorable experience, makes them want to protect it.

In fact, when visitors were called seven to 11 months after their zoo visit, 61 percent were still able to talk about what they learned at the zoo and 35 percent said the visit reinforced their existing beliefs about conservation. On the other side of the debate, activists like Dale Jamieson feel that keeping animals in captivity is immoral.

In education, he argues that there is little proof of zoos having successful educational programs. The teaching zoo, a five-semester program of classes and hands-on animal experience, helps train students to address these functions. He believes that all of his students should be able to confidently teach visitors about nature because this is what The zoo controversy essay guests a stronger desire to protect the environment.

He hopes that giving children the desire to learn about nature will teach them to protect it in the future. And visiting zoos make guests of all ages care about animals in this big world, he said. Conservation is necessary to protect the world, Brown said. People need to live with nature and not abuse it.

However, some of nature is already dying, and zoological conservation is the last hope for animals in these areas. SSP focuses on breeding animals for conservation, preserving natural habitats, teaching people about nature and supporting environmental research.

And sometimes SSP is able to reintroduce animals back into the wild. The Guam rail, a bird found at the teaching zoo, became extinct in the wild when its island was overrun by an indigenous snake. However, SSP recently began reintroducing them into a nearby island that does not have these snakes.

Brown believes zoos play an important role in wildlife education and conservation, and if they disappear, then the world will lack important institutions needed to protect the environment. In fact, in order for a world without zoos to be the same as one with zoos, Brown said two things must happen.

School children must be able to travel the world to see animals in their natural habitats, and people must know how to protect the environment and eliminate endangered species. Since both of these are unlikely, a world without zoos would be a very sad place, he said.

He sees it as a giant void. Without zoos, there will be a greater distance between people and animals, and one day this may lead to an empty planet. Capin currently cares for one wolf and four cougars, and he considers these animals as ambassadors for their species.

They help conservation by making people care about cougars and wolves.

The zoo controversy essay

And in his experiences, the cougars, which he has cared for longer than the wolf, have been successful ambassadors. By seeing these animals, people develop respect, care and concern for them and become more willing to protect and preserve them. Physically, Rhoads is concerned that some zoos may starve animals, such those in aquatic zoos, to make them perform tricks in shows.

Mentally, animals may experience psychological trauma when they are separated from family members and locked in isolation, she said. The money being poured into these public facilities can be better utilized on restoring natural habits. We, as humans, are the cause of dwindling populations.

We can correct this and end perpetual reproduction in these facilities. To emphasize his point, Capin compared living in captivity to the choice of being homeless or living in jail.

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The zoo controversy essay

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